Water Testing and Pipe Investigation

Landmark Sprinkler has extensive knowledge and experience in managing all types of corrosion in various sprinkler systems, as Landmark Sprinkler specializes in the testing, inspection, and repair of these fire systems. Our comprehensive corrosion management program provides for the maintenance of safe and reliable systems through inspection, assessment, mitigation, and communication. It places a special emphasis on external and internal corrosion damage, which experts say are the most prevalent threats to the fire system.

Corrosion is dangerous and costly.

Corrosion in a sprinkler system is a safety hazard. Furthermore, the negative effects of corrosion can cost you extensively in unscheduled fire system shutdowns, lost production, high repair and replacement costs, imposed fines, or loss of life. The massive costs of corrosion may vary, but substantial savings are attainable through the application of Landmark Sprinkler’s procedural corrosion, inspection, testing, and maintenance program.

Regularly scheduled inspections, testing, and repair will help insure continued regulatory compliance, maximum insurance savings, and optimal system performance. Reduce the risk of corrosion with an industry leader. Protect your property, people, and assets with Landmark Sprinkler's corrosion management program before a catastrophic system failure occurs.

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